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How Many Students Participate in Online Learning at Palm Beach State College?

Of the 29,616 students currently enrolled at Palm Beach State College, about 25.0% (7,399) participate in some form of distance or online learning, and 2,653 students take classes exclusively online.

Students enrolled in online programs live in a variety of places. 2,653 live in Florida, 2,653 live in the U.S.A. and none live outside of the U.S.A. Long live the Internet!

The following chart shows you how many students are involved in online classes depending on their degree. Non-Seekers are students who are not currently enrolled in a degree program.

Why Consider Online Learning?

Distance learning at Palm Beach State College means doing school work when it’s convenient for you. Online courses are an excellent option for busy students while online degree programs are popular with older students or those who work full-time.

Palm Beach State College Online Degree Options

We wanted to speak to you about the number of online degrees at Palm Beach State College, but that information could not be determined.

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